The RSD Refrigerant Suite is your central clearing house for all refrigerant related information, Literature - Technical Data, Rules, Regulations, Pending Legislations, Technician Certification, Refrigerant Recovery and more.

Refrigerants industry is evolving rapidly and the RSD Refrigerants Suite will keep you "In the Know".

Arkema - Forane

Forane All Products Spec Sheet
Forane Quick Reference Guide
Forane PT Chart
Forane PT Chart High Pressure
Forane R22 Spec Sheet
Forane R134A Spec Sheet
Forane R404A Spec Sheet
Forane R407A Spec Sheet
Forane R407C Retrofit Info
Forane R407C Spec Sheet
Forane R408A Spec Sheet
Forane R409A Spec Sheet
Forane R410A Spec Sheet
Forane R427A Spec Sheet
Forane R427A - The Easy Retrofit
Forane R507A Spec Sheet

Industry Tech Bulletins

Emerson Climate Technologies - Refrigerant Summary
Emerson Climate Technologies - R448A-R449A Retrofit Guide
Emerson Climate Technologies - A2L Servicing Best PracticesNEW

Chemours - Opteon Refrigerants

R-449A(XP40) PT ChartNEW
R-449A(XP40) Product InformationNEW
R-452A(XP44) Product InformationNEW
R-513A(XP10) PT ChartNEW
R-514A(XP30) Product InformationNEW
R-514A(XP30) PT ChartNEW

Honeywell - Genetron

Honeywell Acceptance Letter
Honeywell R407C-R422D Retrofit Guide
Genetron All Products Spec Sheet
Genetron All Products PT Chart
Genetron R410A PT Chart
Genetron R407C The Best R22 Retrofit Solution
Genetron R407F Full Brochure
Genetron R407F Lowest GWP Alternative to R-22
Genetron R407F Performax LTSpec Sheet
Genetron R410A Full Brochure
Genetron R422D 3-Step AC-HP Retrofit Guide
Genetron R422D Spec Sheet
Genetron R422D An R22 Drop in Solution
Genetron HCFC-R-22 Update July-2010
Genetron HFO-1234YF Facts Sheet
R1234YF Use Handling Guidelines
Genetron HFO-1234YF PT Chart

Solstice HFO Refrigerants

Genetron R402A-R408A to R448(N40) Retrofit Guide
Genetron R404-R507 to R448 Retrofit Guide
Genetron R22 to R448 Retrofit Guide
R448A(N40) P-T chart
R12, R401, R409 To Solstice R450A & R134ANEW
R-1233ZD Handling GuideNEW
R-1233ZD PT ChartNEW
R-450(N13) PT ChartNEW

Nu-Calgon - Emkarate

Nu-Calgon OEM Approved OilsNEW