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    Our after hours, emergency dispatch service for RSD Customers

    AMPM Service

Stay Connected

Save our contact information for when you need fast and professional service after hours

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Experienced Help

Experienced and knowledgeable RSD staff members are ready to assist you in getting the right parts for the job.

Today's Operator: Jason Brown

Product Offering

Check company wide price & availability on our entire stocked inventory before heading to the branch.


RSD customers have access to this service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including most holidays.

Response Time

Once your call is dispatched an RSD staff member will contact you to arrange a specified time to meet at the branch. This is usually within an hour of your call. In some cases, a delivery to the job site is available for an additional fee.

Opening Fee

A $100 store opening fee is required in addition to your order.

Nearest Location

Our operators can dispatch the closest branch to you or any one of our 76 locations.