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    • RAN A12-701

      Temp Control Constant Cut In 41F Cut Out Adj 15F to 31F 84" Capillary

    • RAN A12-700

      Temp Control Constant Cut In 37F Cut Out Adj 11.5F to 27.5F 84" Capillary

    • RAN A12-1560

      Temp Control Constant Cut In 39F Cut Out Adj 19F to 29F 72" Capillary

    • RAN A30-2210

      Temp Control SPST Range 30F to 42F Differential 8F 48" Capillary

    • RAN A12-1506

      Temp Control Constant Cut In 38F Cut Out Adj 9F to 22F 39" Capillary

    • RAN A30-301

      Temp Control SPST Range -24F to 20.5F Differential 8.5F 84" Capillary

    • RAN A30-313

      Temp Control SPST Range -20F to 21F Differential 8F 42" Capillary

    • RAN A22-1112

      Temp Control SPST Range 25F to 44F Differential 5F 72" Capillary

    • RAN A30-261

      Temp Control SPST Range 32F to 61F Differential 6F 84" Capillary

    • RAN A30-180

      Temp Control SPST Range -4F to 38F Differential 13F 42" Capillary

    • RAN A30-262

      Temp Control SPST Range 3F to 43F Differential 12F 84" Capillary

    • RAN A22-1129

      Ice Bin Level Control SPDT Range 35F to 51F Differential 6F 48" Capillary

    • RAN A30-263

      Temp Control SPST Range .5F to 47F Differential 22.5F 84" Capillary

    • RAN A30-182

      Temp Control SPST Range -6F to 44F Differential 17F 42" Capillary

    • RAN A30-2311

      Air Cond Evaporator De-Ice Control Open at 30F Close at 60F 30in Capillary

    • RAN O10-1416

      Medium Temp Control SPST Range 0F to 55F Diff Adj 3/20F 72" Capillary

    • RAN 9530N1601-070U

      Temp Control OEM Beverage Air Range 12F to 47.5F Differential 21F 30" Cap

    • RAN A22-391

      Temp Control SPDT Range 11F to 51F Differential 8F 66" Capillary

    • RAN E15-2601

      Heat Pump De-Ice Control 240V SPDT Timer Activated Temp Term. 60" Cap W/Bulb

    • RAN A30-2209

      Temp Control SPST Range 35F to 46F Differential 8F 48" Capillary