Whether on the roof or in the van, technicians can now access RSD Mobile with ease. RSD Mobile will allow customers to search product, view product details and availability, as well as submit orders. If they already have an RSD Web account, they simply login, Click "RSD Account" in the RSD taskbar, and scroll-down to find "Technicians." Once there, select a technician to add to RSD Mobile. Click the "Edit" link. At the bottom left, there is an "Allow Access To RSD Mobile" selection which can be turned on for access.

Visit RSD Mobile

Product Searching

Customers can find the part they need quickly and efficiently. They can browse by category and view many items at a glance. They can also search for items by using key words like "Compressors" or "Filters". They can even enter in the exact part number to go straight to the item they're looking for. On-the-go ordering has never been this easy.

Product Details

All the important information needed to select the right parts are displayed in an easy to read format. Price & availability, specs, and a picture all on one page. One tap of a finger and its in their shopping cart.

Submitting Order

Small shops and large companies alike will enjoy how easy it is to place items at the RSD of their choosing. Should they have to hold off on a job, they can save it for a later date, turn it into a quote or even turn that saved order into a scheduled one, complete with reminders. The functionality of our website with the ease of a smartphone.