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Capaccitor Tester
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Test Leads
Velocity/Temp Attachments
FIE SPK1 Image


Digital Pocket Thermometer

    DEL 11081 Image

    DEL 11081

    Digital Probe Thermometer w/Jumbo Display 40 to 302 Auto-Calibration

      FIE ATB1 Image

      FIE ATB1

      K-Thermocouple Wire Type

        FLU 62MAX Image

        FLU 62MAX

        Mini Infrared Thermometer

          FIE SC260 Image

          FIE SC260

          Compact Clamp Meter W/True RMS/Magnet

            COO DPP400W Image

            COO DPP400W

            Digital Pocket Test Thermometer -40 to 392 deg Waterproof Pen Style

              FIE ADK7 Image

              FIE ADK7

              Test Lead

                FIE TC24 Image

                FIE TC24

                Pipe Clamp Type K Thermocouple 3/8 - 1 3/8"

                  FIE SDMN6 Image

                  FIE SDMN6

                  Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester

                    FIE SC640 Image

                    FIE SC640

                    Loaded Clamp Meter W/Swivel Head and True RMS

                      FIE SC440 Image

                      FIE SC440

                      Essential Clamp Meter TRMS Strap

                        FLU TL75 Image

                        FLU TL75

                        Hard Point Test Lead Set

                          FLU 80PK-1 Image

                          FLU 80PK-1

                          Bead Probe

                            FIE ADLS2 Image

                            FIE ADLS2

                            Deluxe Silicon Leads

                              FLU TPAK Image

                              FLU TPAK

                              ToolPak Meter Hanging Kit with Magnetic Strap

                                FLU 80AK-A Image

                                FLU 80AK-A

                                Thermocouple Adapter

                                  FLU TL220 Image

                                  FLU TL220

                                  SureGrip Industrial Test Lead Set

                                    FIE ASLS2 Image

                                    FIE ASLS2

                                    Silicon Leads SC66

                                      FIE RLR44 Image

                                      FIE RLR44

                                      Battery for SPK1 2 Pack

                                        SEA M500 Image

                                        SEA M500

                                        Insulation Tester / Megohmmeter

                                          FIE ST4 Image

                                          FIE ST4

                                          Dual Temp Thermometer

                                            COO DPP800W Image

                                            COO DPP800W

                                            Digital EZ-Read Thermometer -40 to 450 Deg Waterproof

                                              FLU 52-2 Image

                                              FLU 52-2

                                              Dual Input Thermometer

                                                FLU 80PK-8 Image

                                                FLU 80PK-8

                                                Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe

                                                  FIE SDMN5 Image

                                                  FIE SDMN5

                                                  Dual Port Manometer

                                                    FLU 324 Image

                                                    FLU 324

                                                    True-RMS AC Clamp Meter 400A

                                                      FLU TL175 Image

                                                      FLU TL175

                                                      Twistguard Test Leads w/Adjustable Length Test Tips

                                                        FIE SMG5 Image

                                                        FIE SMG5


                                                          FIE PRH2 Image

                                                          FIE PRH2

                                                          Pocket Digital Psychrometer

                                                            FIE TC48 Image

                                                            FIE TC48

                                                            Large Pipe Clamp Thermocouple 3/4"- 4 1/8"

                                                              FLU C25 Image

                                                              FLU C25

                                                              Large Soft Case for DMMs

                                                                FLU 116 Image

                                                                FLU 116

                                                                HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and Microamps

                                                                  FIE HS36 Image

                                                                  FIE HS36

                                                                  Stick Meter True RMS W/Back Light

                                                                    JB 29435 Image

                                                                    JB 29435

                                                                    Complete Gas Test Kit 0" to 35" W.C.

                                                                      FLU 561 Image

                                                                      FLU 561

                                                                      Infrared and Contact Thermometer

                                                                        FIE SC680 Image

                                                                        FIE SC680

                                                                        Job Link Loaded Digital Clamp Meter With True RMS

                                                                          MARS 25510 Image

                                                                          MARS 25510

                                                                          Pocket Thermometer -40F to 160F

                                                                            FLU 80PK-11 Image

                                                                            FLU 80PK-11

                                                                            Type-K Velcro Thermocouple Temperature Probe

                                                                              SEA LIT11TC Image

                                                                              SEA LIT11TC

                                                                              Laser Infrared Thermometer

                                                                                FIE JL3KM2 Image

                                                                                FIE JL3KM2

                                                                                Job Link Dual Manometer Kit

                                                                                  FLU C50 Image

                                                                                  FLU C50

                                                                                  Soft Meter Case

                                                                                    FLU 80PK-3A Image

                                                                                    FLU 80PK-3A

                                                                                    Type K Surface Probe

                                                                                      JB 29436 Image

                                                                                      JB 29436

                                                                                      Complete Gas Test Kit 0" to 10" W.C.

                                                                                        RIT 69008 Image

                                                                                        RIT 69008

                                                                                        Digital Electronic Sling Psychrometer

                                                                                          COO DT300 Image

                                                                                          COO DT300

                                                                                          Digital Pocket Thermometer Oval -40F to 302F

                                                                                            FLU AC175 Image

                                                                                            FLU AC175

                                                                                            Threaded Aligator Clip Set

                                                                                              SEA MFD10 Image

                                                                                              SEA MFD10

                                                                                              Capacitor Testor

                                                                                                AAB ABM-100 Image

                                                                                                AAB ABM-100

                                                                                                Airflow Balancing Meter Anemometer for Smart Devices

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