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Universal Pneumatic Thermostat Calibration Kit

  • RSD Calibration Kit
UNI GS161 Image


0-30 PSI 1/8 Center Back Mount

    KREU SSS-1004 Image

    KREU SSS-1004

    7-21/32" Differential Air Flow Sensor Pickup Tubes 3 Sensing Point

      KREU SSS-1003 Image

      KREU SSS-1003

      5-13/32" Differential Air Flow Sensor Pickup Tubes 2 Sensing Point

        WAB 1890 Image

        WAB 1890


          HON CCT-735A Image

          HON CCT-735A

          Tool Calibration for Pneumatic Thermostats

          • Calibration Tool
          UNI GS111 Image

          UNI GS111

          0-30 PSI 1/8 Bottom Mount

            HAN 1701-2 Image

            HAN 1701-2

            Air By-Pass Valve

              KREU HFO-0028 Image

              KREU HFO-0028

              Tygon Tubing with Fittings

                DRA M-767 Image

                DRA M-767

                Pressure Reducing Station With Filter And Automatic Drain

                  HAN 532-04-300-1 Image

                  HAN 532-04-300-1

                  Electric Auto Drain 115V

                    SIE 21-038 Image

                    SIE 21-038

                    Pneumatic Restrictor Tee 1.0 SCFH .007 Red Plastic 1/4"

                    • 1.0 Orifice (SCFH)
                    KREU SSS-1005 Image

                    KREU SSS-1005

                    9-29/32" Differential Air Flow Sensor Pickup Tubes 4 Sensing Point

                      SIE 22-138 Image

                      SIE 22-138

                      Pneumatic Needle Probe Gage Adapter 1/8" FPT

                        JC T-4000-119 Image

                        JC T-4000-119

                        Pneumatic Thermostat Adjustment Tool

                        • Calibration Tool
                        SIE M-655 Image

                        SIE M-655

                        Pneumatic Fitting 7/8" Snap Bushing

                          SIE K-335 Image

                          SIE K-335

                          Pneumatic 1/4" Barbed In line Filter with Oil Indicator

                            SIE 21-039 Image

                            SIE 21-039

                            Pneumatic Restrictor Tee .50 SCFH .005 Green Plastic 1/4"

                            • .05 Orifice (SCFH)
                            KREU SSS-1002 Image

                            KREU SSS-1002

                            3-5/32" Differential Air Flow Sensor Pickup Tube 1 Sensing Point

                              POW 192 632 Image

                              POW 192 632

                              Allen Wrench Calibration Tool Included in TCON TC-PCK kit

                                POW 192 759 Image

                                POW 192 759

                                Needle Probe Included in TCON TC-PCK kit

                                  SIE M-622 Image

                                  SIE M-622

                                  Pneumatic Fitting 1/4" Single Tube Clamp

                                    SIE 20-881 Image

                                    SIE 20-881

                                    Pneumatic Thermostat Calibration Wrench

                                    • Calibration Tool
                                    SIE 21-153 Image

                                    SIE 21-153

                                    Pneumatic In Line Restrictor 1.0 SCFH .007 1/4"

                                      DRA NE-87-W Image

                                      DRA NE-87-W

                                      Automatic Condensate Drain For Refrigerated Air Driers 3/8 Inch NPT

                                        SIE M-623 Image

                                        SIE M-623

                                        Pneumatic Fitting 3/8" Single Tube Clamp

                                          JC JC 5361 Image

                                          JC JC 5361

                                          Hypodermic Test Probe For Pneumatic Stats W/ 2 Needles

                                            SIE TOOL-082 Image

                                            SIE TOOL-082

                                            Barber - Colman Calibration Wrench

                                            • Calibration Tool
                                            SIE M-628 Image

                                            SIE M-628

                                            Pneumatic Fitting 1/4" Double Tube Clamp

                                              SIE B-381 Image

                                              SIE B-381

                                              1/2" Barb Tee

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