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    • RIT 69622

      Scanner Solution Injector Tube #2 for Ester Oil up to 9.9LBS

    • SPE EZ-4/ECS

      Universal POE Dye Cartridge Treats Up to 25 lbs Refigerant or 2 Gal of Oil

    • SPE GS-2/ECS

      Universal/POE Dye Capsule Treats 5-9.9 lbs Refrigerant or 1.7-3.2 qt of Oil

    • RIT 69721

      1 oz Universal Injector 2/pk

    • SPE GS-3/ECS

      Universal/POE Dye Capsule Treats 10-25 lbs Refrigerant or 3.2 qt-2 Gal of Oil

    • SPE GS-1/ECS

      Universal/POE Dye Capsule Treats up to 4.9 lbs of Refrigerant or 1.6 qt of oil

    • SPE EZ-100/ECS

      Universal /POE EZ-Ject Dye Injection Kit

    • SPE GS-101/ECS

      Universal/POE Dye Capsule Treats up to 2.9 lbs of Refrigerant or 15 oz of Oil

    • SPE AB-5CS

      Acid-Buster 1/2 oz 1/2 oz EZ-Ject Cartridge Compatible w/POE,MO and AB Oils

    • SPE BEZ-4/ECS

      BigEZ Uni/POE 4 oz Dye Cartridge Treats up to 400 lbs Refrig or 16 Gal of Oil

    • SPE AB-100CS

      Acid-Buster injection Kit w/(2)-1/2 oz EZ-Ject Cartridge Acid Scavenging Sol