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The RSD Refrigerant Suite is your central clearing house for all refrigerant related information, Literature - Technical Data, Rules, Regulations, Pending Legislations, Technician Certification, Refrigerant Recovery and more. Refrigerants industry is evolving rapidly and the RSD Refrigerants Suite will keep you "In the Know".

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On 10-12-16 a global agreement was reached to begin the phase down of HFC's

At the 28th annual meeting of the Montreal Protocol; 200 countries, including the U.S. reached a global agreement to amend the Montreal Protocol and phase down HFC consumption, beginning in 2018.

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The EPA released their latest (SNAP) listing, delisting proposal

The EPA has published a proposed SNAP rule change that will impact the refrigerant choices for Cold Storage, Retail Food equipment and Household refrigerators.

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Forane R427A - The latest R22 AC Retrofit Solution

R427A is the closest capacity match to any "No Oil Change" R22 Alternative

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California's SLCP Reduction Target to impact HFC Refrigerants

HFC refrigerants (F-gases) are considered the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, key to the states SLCP reduction effort.

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R448A is now Available.

Honeywell Solstice N40(R448A) is the first low GWP replacement for R404A and R507. R448A is an HFO refrigerant blend with equal capacity to R404a and 67% lower GWP.

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SNAP Status of R404 Final Rule.

On July, 2 2015, the EPA announces Final Rule on the SNAP Status of R404 and other HFC refrigerants.

Under this final rule, various HFC refrigerants will be listed as unacceptable in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and blowing agent applications. The date of the status change will vary by product and application. Refer to the fact sheet below.

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Honeywell N40(R448A) receives SNAP Approval to replace R404A and R507.

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EPA to determine the HCFC-22 allocation for 2015-2019.

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Dateline 10-17-14: The EPA has release the R22 allocation rule for 2015-2019.

Starting in 2015 the production and import cap for HCFC-R22 will be reduced to 21,000,000 lbs. This represents a 59% reduction from the 2014 cap. The supply will then be reduced 20% per year through 2019. This should be the final rule modification. More detailed information will be available on this page, soon.

EPA to determine the HCFC-22 allocation for 2015-2019.

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HFO Refrigerants look to be the future for HVACR.

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The EPA is considering the removal of SNAP approval for selected HFC Refrigerants.

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EPA Warns Against Use of Refrigerant Substitutes That Pose Fire and Explosion Risk

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Genetron 422D

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R-22 A/C Retrofit Options

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2013 EPA Action on R22

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The Montreal Protocol is 25 years old.

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407F Now Copeland Approved

Emerson climate technologies has approved Refrigerant R407F (Honeywell Performance LT) for use with discus and scroll compressors!

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Genetron R407F Lowest GWP Alternative to R-22 »

HFO Refrigerants Are Here

Starting in 2013 the Auto Industry is beginning to move away from HFC R-134a to (Low GWP) HFO R-1234Yf. Honeywell is currently working on HFO blends for stationary AC/R applications.

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Case Study

"With Broken Condenser Unit, Supermarket Sees Opportunity". By Ted Rieger, Northern California Correspondent

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New Honeywell iPhone Apps Available

Two new iPhone application available in the app store.

New California Refrigerant Management Program (Video)

California Air Resources Board's new training video on the Refrigerant Management Program.
Link can also be found in our "Ragulations & Legislation" section of the Refrigerant Suite.

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EPA Has Taken a Dramatic Step
to Curtail the Supply of R22

On Friday 1/20/2012, the EPA announced an immediate, 45% reduction in both production and imports of R22. This constitutes an additional (-35,000,000) lb reduction, in the level already legislated by the Clean Air Act.

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Information on R22 Alternatives

Contact one of our technical specialist to discuss your retrofit options, and how to select the best product for your application.

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